A website designed for social media sellers...

Is your business growing on social media, but you're worried about being 'switched off' or not owning your customer info?

A Concept Easy-e-Trader website is what you need! It is easier and different from the usual shopping type websites - its a timeline / scroll for more style, similar to social media. It is more entertaining for your customer and matches the current way people buy on the internet. It's also super easy to add to your timeline!

This format is not ideal for hundreds of SKUs, but it is perfect for people offering many one-off deals on their timeline or bespoke / boutique makers (and even local bakers!). Think Etsy or Facebook - but its a website just for you! See an example of a customer's live site - CLICK HERE.

A photo of a Concept Easy-e-Trader website

Avoid costly Chargebacks...

Fraudulent chargebacks have become an evil part of modern-day trading on the internet, particularly on large e-commerce and auction websites.

Is this cost absorbed by the billionaire platform owners? No! It's picked up by the millions of entrepreneurs who try to operate a legitimate business on their platform.

Many sellers simply take bank transfers, which are easier than ever, and minimises the fraudulent chargebacks which usually happen suddenly and without notice.

Direct your traffic to your Concept Easy-e-Trader website, own your customer list, but use the same easy DM (Direct Message) approach to sell - via whatsapp or email!

A photograph a person committing credit card chargeback fraud.

When is your customer not your customer?

When your customer buys from you on social media...

Any modern entrepreneur knows social media is a superb place to get new customers. But when it comes to building a long-term resilliant business, can you trust the social media giants not to turn off the money keeping the roof over your head?

A concept Easy-e-Trader website and our free training programme makes it easy to build your own customer list whilst keeping your marketing on social media lean. You keep the customers you acquire from social media, and they no longer have the power to turn your business off without warning!

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Get Your Website - Signup Now!

A Concept Easy-e-Trader website costs just £300 (250+vat) to setup, then only £30 (£25+vat) per month. We supply VAT invoices.

First, pay for the setup: £300 (250+vat) - One off.

Once setup is approved, Subscribe to Go Live! - £30 (£25+vat) per month.

Refer A New Customer...

...And You BOTH Get 2 Months FREE Subscription!

When you signup, we'll send you a referrer link. When someone you refer signs up and completes the setup stage, we give you both two months subscription - FREE!

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Need Help? We're here for you.

We offer FREE Support during the setup stage. Once you go Live, we offer free email support with a 5 day response promise.

If you need help sooner, we offer 20 minute support sessions at a very competitive price! Simply buy a session below and within a day, we'll call you back / Whatsapp / Email / Zoom (etc!)

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What our Customers say...

The experience our customers have of us drives everything we do. Our Continual Improvement Programme (CIP) ensures we listen to feedback to invest our resources on growing our capability, whilst meeting or exceeding the professional and creative standards you would hope to receive.

Here are some of the recent things our customers have said about us:

"Your attitude is fantastic, you're open to suggestions, guided us to best practices with your experience and knowledge, and everything was always done with a smile. We've worked with many video producers who were stuck in their own ways and wouldn't accept any feedback... you guys are the exact opposite" - Edwards Vacuum.

"Great service, fast and professional turnaround. Studios in a lovely location! " - RA.

"Super helpful and the tech team were brilliant. Highly recommended. " - DME.

"This is amazing…..exactly what I had in mind, It's a masterpiece! " - Atlas Copco.

A photograph of happy customers.

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  • Generated millions of pounds in of sales.

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