We're not your usual Digital Agency...

You need a digital agency that understands people and can apply technical knowledge to achieve your business goals. We do this.

You don't need a digital agency that runs up bills makeing apps that nobody will download, or an agency that takes a monthly fee but delivers nothing new. We don't do this.

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Our Specialisms:

  • Video Content Video content includes video ads, mini project documentaries, "talking head" updates, product or service explainers, and more
  • Chatbots Never miss a chance to engage. Reduce the effort needed by your customer to contact you.
  • User Experience (UX) Your website makes sense to you, but is it optimised from your customer's perspective?
  • QR Codes From websitesMaximise engagement, maximise Analytics, minimise ad media wastage.
  • SEO Stay ahead of current algorithm changes.
  • PPC Pay Per Click advertising targeted to ROI.
  • Tracking Pixels User tracking databases and attribution services.

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Video Production & Content Strategy...

Every successful website uses video. We know what videos to create, where to put them, and how often to make them.

Video content includes video ads, mini project documentaries, "talking head" updates, product or service explainers, and more...

We are part of a content group which includes broadcast television production, so we use our broadcast cameras and studios to produce high-end video content at a competitive business price.

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Video Production Services

Chatbots can increase sales and happiness

Chat is more than feature, its a way to reduce the number of clicks to engage. It is a critical way of bridging the gap between your website visitor and your team.

Engage with your visitors as if they were in front of you.

In this high-expectation, fast-paced world - an easy way for your potential customer to ask a question or otherwise engage with you is essential. Properly manned chatbots deliver a very immediate and very positive experience for your customer.

We are a chatbot integrator with a UX / Business Resource focus. We create Chatbot logic flow programming that ensures your customers can access the right person at the right time.

Real visitor tracking

We can help track customers and integrate chats into some CMS (Content Management Systems).

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Digital content Production :
Video, Graphics & Text

We can help take your ideas and internal lingo and turn it into compelling content.

With Concept, have access to top creative specialists, copywriters, videographers and photographers and editors.

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Digital Content Creation

User Experience (UX) Matters...

The biggest mistake people make when building a website or indeed any customer marketing is that they create it from the perspective of their organisation. However, what seems logical and appropriate to you may be completely off the mark for your customer. The first rule of UX is understanding that the customer neither works for your organisation, nor do they possess the knowledge or resources to deliver their own requirements. That is why they are coming to you.

We start by learning about your current visitor interractions and then determine how to improve this experience for your user.
As communication experts, we know how to improve not only the user"s experience, but also how to ensure they get and understand your key messaging in the first few seconds.

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Professional QR Codes : Design, Reliability and Tracking

We help you avoid the costly mistakes made when using free QR Code makers. A QR Code is a clever peice of tech, it allows people seeing your content on big screens and in print to engage instantly without requring them to search for your brand (requiring a supporting SEO and PPC campaign) or needing them to type in your website address. These requirements that create dropoff in engagement are gone when you use a QR code.

The size and complexity of a QR code matters. QR codes with long complex URLs simply wont work unless your customer is 5cm aqay from the code with a very steady hand. Our QR codes have error correction, allow individual tracking and have the shortest redirecting URLs (our own service). You can reply on us to deliver QR codes that work at a distance with a significantly reduced chance of scan failure.

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A photo of professional QR Codes.

Fully-Featured Websites

Organisations engage our teams to redesign their web sites. We produce secure, responsive web sites that inspire and pursue engagement on mobile and desktop platforms.

We provide every web site with an update, maintenance and backup strategy to mitigate the risks of external attackers. This service is critical to any modern service.

Our focus on UX (User Experience) and on-trend design aesthetics contribute to increased performance across a number of key measurement vectors.

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Voiceover Recording Studio for hire.

Digital Advertising : Campaigns

Companies trust us to optimise and manage their Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Advertising.

Our inter-agency partnerships give us access to the best rates and most skilled targeting and analytical specialists in the business.

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Serving our clients
for over 18 years

  • We've worked with hundreds of great people and companies.
  • Created thousands of hours of video content.
  • Broadcast & Streamed all around the world.
  • Influenced & Educated millions of people.
  • Generated millions of pounds in of sales.

Concept TV Studios is part of the Concept Media Group , which also offers Fully Managed Live Streaming, Video Production Services and also operates full service Television Advertising Agency.

Concept Media Group has worked with many brilliant companies since 2004. Logos shown remain the copyright of their respective owners.

What our Customers say...

The experience our customers have of us drives everything we do. Our Continual Improvement Programme (CIP) ensures we listen to feedback to invest our resources on growing our capability, whilst meeting or exceeding the professional and creative standards you would hope to receive.

Here are some of the recent things our customers have said about us:

"Your attitude is fantastic, you're open to suggestions, guided us to best practices with your experience and knowledge, and everything was always done with a smile. We've worked with many video producers who were stuck in their own ways and wouldn't accept any feedback... you guys are the exact opposite" - Edwards Vacuum.

"Great service, fast and professional turnaround. Studios in a lovely location! " - RA.

"Super helpful and the tech team were brilliant. Highly recommended. " - DME.

"This is amazing…..exactly what I had in mind, It's a masterpiece! " - Atlas Copco.

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